ultrasound01Mercy Animal Hospital is proud to provide diagnostic services for your pets. The use of diagnostic tools is very important in veterinary medicine because our patients cannot tell us if they are in pain or how they are feeling! We utilize a variety of tools and equipment in order to get a clearer picture of your pet’s overall health.

One of the important diagnostic services we provide is ultrasound. An ultrasound machine uses sound waves to create a picture of the interior of your pet’s body in a minimally invasive way. This is very similar to how some animals like bats and dolphins use echolocation to create a picture of their world. These sound waves are completely safe and create no harmful effects.

Our veterinarian performs the ultrasound, and then the exam is sent to a board certified radiologist who interprets the results. By communicating with a board certified radiologist, your pet gets an expert diagnosis.

1024px-Tachycardia_ECG_paper.svgWe also use diagnostic tools like ECG, or electrocardiogram. An ECG detects the electrical impulses of your pet’s heart and creates a recording that can be analyzed. ECG is an important part of diagnosing irregularities with your pet’s heartbeat and detecting potential heart problems.

Just like with ultrasounds, the ECG recording is sent to a board certified cardiologist. The cardiologist then uses his or her expertise to diagnose your pet’s results.

There are many other diagnostic tools that we use to examine your pet’s body. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We would be happy to speak with you!