Mercy Animal Hospital and Diagnostic Centre is located at 15825 97 St NW, Edmonton. We are a pet centre that offers a wide selection of medical services, consultations, and comprehensive exams. Our goal is to offer you peace of mind knowing that your canine companion is in the best care possible at Mercy Animal Hospital. Our centre offers routine preventative care, pet urgent care, and pet surgeries.

Mercy Animal Hospital

Services Offered

Vaccinations: We offer many types of vaccinations that are crucial to your pet’s health and well-being. Vaccinations prevent parvo and distemper, two critical illnesses that can cause death in your pet if left untreated. Our vaccines guarantee pet urgent care against other illnesses such as kennel cough and rabies, a serious illness that can be transferred to humans.

Spay And Neuter: Our pet clinic provides spay and neuter services for male and female pets. We are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership through affordable spay and neuter services. Our animal hospital ensures that your pet is returned to you healthy, happy, and ready for a lifetime of love.

Medical Services: Our animal hospital will also provide your dog or cat with diagnostic imaging, surgery, dentistry, and other medical care they may need regularly. Mercy Animal Hospital comprises highly competent veterinarian personnel and animal healthcare technicians who can handle any family pet.

Emergencies: We can help you if you are faced with a pet emergency that requires an immediate pet emergency. We also offer emergency treatment of diagnostics and surgeries under the guidance of our board-certified staff.

Parasite Prevention: Many types of parasites can cause your pet injury, harm them physically and mentally, and even kill them. We have the expertise in pet care to ensure your pet is parasite free and safe from disease.

Prescription Refill: Our pet clinic provides prescription refill services for your pets. If you want to ensure that your pet is on a safe and effective prescription, then Dog Medicine Plus can help. We can also help if you want to start your customized safety dog list at our clinic.

Microchipping: We have an in-house microchip veterinarian who will place a microchip for your pet. A microchip is the best way to identify your pet if they get lost. They are also effective in ensuring that your pet is quickly returned to you in the case of an emergency or theft.

Ultrasound: We can offer ultrasound services that include embryo transfer, pregnancy monitoring, and ultrasounds for pets. Our ultrasound is a good pet care service that helps prevent common maladies such as urinary tract infections and severe heartworm disease.

Pet owners in Edmonton can rest assured that their pet receives the best care from our veterinarians and veterinary clinic. We stand behind our promise to provide a stress-free environment where your animal companion can be given the best care possible. If you want to learn more about Mercy Animal Hospital services, visit us today!

Mercy Animal Hospital